Wearable EEG Headband

As a final project for my BioInstrumentation class at Messiah University, we had to design and create a piece of wearable technology that read body signals in some capacity. My classmate and I decided to create an EEG headband that could be worn at night to track sleep. The components used in this build were an Adafruit Flora Microcontroller, Flora Wearable Bluefruit LE Module, Flore RGB Neo Pixel LED, conductive thread, a battery back, a 3-lead electrode set, and of course a headband.

While this device was never tested overnight, it was tested during multiple activities with different levels of brain engagement, such as meditating, creative drawing, and solving complex math problems. Not only could the data be logged directly to your phone over Bluetooth, but we also use the RGB Neo Pixel LED to show which brain wave frequency band was the most dominant over the last few seconds (gamma, beta, alpha, theta, or delta). The results we found matched up well with the literature, with higher-intensity activies matching up with higher brain wave frequencies. The entire build process was made public on Instructables.